Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things I've Noticed:

-Despite how much I lament my hair styling impotency, despite how many beautiful hair tutorials I post on my Hairy Carey pinterest wall and fancy styling creams I purchase on amazon and subsequently justify with free two day shipping, I will always always always opt to sleep an extra 30 minutes over getting up and testing out a new coiffure. Nope it'll be remedial bun, ponytail, or side braid for me. To infinity and beyond.

-Walking outside on a warm fall night has always filled me with a sense of anticipation but for what, I am never quite sure.

-I always get the urge to blog on Wednesday but typically don't follow through with it until Friday.

-But a quick look through my archive would reveal that I actually might not have a handle on my blogging habits...

-Naming the pig that is part of Moses' experiment at work was a bad idea.

-Moses hasn't mentioned Wilbur in weeks.

-Wilbur is probably dead.

-The week goes by quicker when a holiday falls on a Tuesday.

-I've seen more commercials for Joanne Fabrics this week than I have in my entire life.

-I used to think that Joanne Fabrics was a really quaint place to buy gifts for people.

-It's really not.

-Even though I know they'll be hard, I am starting to feel excited about the holidays.

-Starbucks busting out their holiday-themed cups had absolutely nothing to with this.

-I'm a consumer whore.

-Tom Hanks puts the same olive into his martini twice in the movie You've Got Mail #maybethecontinuitysupervisorwasinthebathroom?

-I have definitely not seen that movie too many times.

-Being almost 30 feels so much better than being almost 20.

-Except that my feet and lower back hurt more.

-When in doubt, add coconut oil to your dessert recipe and it will turn out grand.

-Use the word "grand" on a regular basis and people will think you are affected.

-Conversations you overhear in art museums will always sounds like something out of a Portlandia sketch.

-Other people in art museums rival other people in grocery stores for being the worst.

-When vaguely promising to yourself that you will slim down for your wedding and then changing literally nothing about your eating or exercising habits, don't be surprised when the results are spectacular.

-Nothing is more inspiring for a work out than the thought of rewarding yourself with a glass of wine and a brownie right after it.

-Our radiators click on at seemingly random times.  This bodes well for winter.

-I have written so many variations of this type of post before that it's ridiculous.

-You won't notice.

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  1. I love these kinds of posts. Other people in grocery stores and art're so right.