Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Real Housewife of Boston

The last couple of weeks have been challenging.  Mostly emotionally but I guess if you count the few times I've attempted exercise--after two months of nothing but moderate walking/biking and torso-heavy car dancing (I do this far more than I should probably admit to) keeping me active--they have been pretty physically taxing too. Tell us more!  You say.  We want you to over-share about your luxurious and comparatively problem-free life of leisure!  Well, okay.  Lest I leave any stone unturned for my faithful reader, let me render for you here a quick portrait of my life at present:

Wake up, put on pot of coffee, shamble out into living room, lie on couch, turn on computer and commence all day online shopping, refresh email every five seconds, remain fully jammied until (conservatively) 3PM, enjoy infinity cup of coffee on (seemingly) infinity consecutive day of Real Housewives marathoning courtesy of Hulu Plus (which I caved and signed up for solely so I could do this and watch hour after hour of Top Chef--just filling the cable-sized void in my soul one Bravo TV show at a time.) Wait for Moses to come home, make dinner, watch more Bravo TV, go to bed.

And...that's about it.  And at the risk of keeping it a little too real: it's frustrating.  I am frustrated.

Transitions are hard enough as it is and every major transition in my adult life has been punctuated with periods of stagnation like this and they're usually filled with rest that I really really need but somehow simply knowing they are beneficial, doesn't help.

This is a recurring motif in my life and in blog (same tune, different year, in perpetuity): I don't seem to know what to do with myself when I am not working.  If I am not working, I feel like I am not being productive.  If I am not being productive, I feel like I've lost all purpose to my life.  I know I shouldn't feel like this and I wish I knew how to shuffle off this feeling but try as hard as I might, I am rarely if ever successful.

Woe is me, blah blah blah, you get it.

But things are getting better.  Each day I am feeling a little bit more at home, a little bit less stressed and overwhelmed, and a little less like venting to anyone who will listen.  Of course, I've put it on the blog so my complaints are now etched into the temporary permanence of the internet.  But, I am not terribly concerned. I am sure this will swiftly be replaced in your Facebook feed by another Huffington Post article about Justin Beaver doing something atrocious and almost being punched by another celebrity or another buzzfeed quiz about which buzzfeed quiz you are. And so it goes on the www...

So, as to the title of this post. Last week, when I was still in the thick of it all, in an effort to cheer me up Moses said: "just think, you're like one of the real housewives of Boston."

Well, if this picture is any indication...

She did WHAT?
he's not wrong...

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