Friday, July 11, 2014

The pleasure and exhaustion of life changes

Okay.  You can stop your pining now.  I'm back, internet.  And positively brimming with my usual dose of unadulterated saccharine that I am sure you and your teeth have been positively aching for.  This is America after all.  I am sure that there is another quip I could make here...nope, lost it, moving on....

Since we last spoke a fair amount of things have happened to our little heroine...which is me, in case that was unclear.

I: engaged at sunset, at the grand canyon to a great guy.  You probably don't know him...
(Don't panic, I will type the whole story out eventually.)

...moved across country.  It took about a week.  There was a lot of driving, a lot of Love gas station bathroom stops (do you take off your ring to wash your hands?  This is an awkward daily dilemma for me), and a llllot of halls lemon and honey cough drops and Subway Veggie Delight subs consumed.  But almost never at the same time.  We have some standards.  (Not really.)

...moved into our new apartment in Boston. Immediately purchased an air conditioner because it turns out that East Coast heat waves are the worst.  Now only five more days until the rest of our furniture arrives and we can finally sit like real humans, instead of attempting to prop up our torsos against a mound of blankets atop our air mattress.  But who's bitter? Surely not me.

...drove from Boston to Ithaca and from Ithaca to Boston three times in a week period.  Yes, you do that math.

...had a fourth of July bbq with my family.  It was very nice.  I napped. Then I decided to stop writing like Ernest Hemingway and tell you that we also watched the Lego Movie, which exceeded all my expectations, even though they were considerably raised given that everyone I've ever known has raved about it to me.

...attended a wedding of a very old and dear friend: my winter formal date circa, I want to say, 2001? It was at a house on Cayuga Lake and it was all loveliness because Ithaca is magical in the summertime, even with its clouds of mosquitoes and black flies.  Side note: I used Off for the first time ever.  My mom never allowed us to use it as kids--too many chemicals--and SoCal, I promise I will stop calling it that...soon, does not have any bugs and has turned me into a HUGE wimp when dealing with anything other than 70 degree sunny pleasantness.  Spoiler alert: Off really really does work.

I love weddings, especially weddings with dancing involved because, reader, I tear it UP on the dance floor shame!  And those of you who have ever had the privilege of witnessing me dance know that it looks a little something like this...

as in the epitome awesomeness.

...started my own wedding planning in the form of pinterest pins.  Is there any other kind of wedding planning? Turns out I am very apathetic about most things (just like how I always dreamed it would be!) and very bizarrely passionate about a few random things, mostly food and location and having Queen Anne's Lace everywhere.  I am sure my overachiever gene will kick in shortly and I will want to do everything I can to get an A in wedding and wedding planning.  Because, that's just the kind of gal I am.

In other related and non-related news:

all of the love poems that I adore are so sad / is it in bad taste to read Sylvia Plath at a wedding?

I am homesick for Los Angeles.  I hate to admit it but I am.  Maybe having furniture would help...

Still, having several amazing restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, within walking distance is pretty amazing...

Still, I miss Roy Choi...

I can't seem to get over this persistent feeling of fatigue but I figure, a lot has happened (see above), so I am graciously giving myself permissions to laze around and watch the Rachel Zoe Project on YouTube while I internet shop for the perfect throw pillows.  I'm in recovery or transition or whatever.

I was thinking of ending with a good old fashion photo dump.  Thoughts?  Just kidding, your opinion doesn't matter: it's my hot blog and I do what I waunt.

Last drink at Oldfields (our favorite bar)

Gangie thirsty.

Hoover Dam

Totally haven't developed a fear of heights in my adulthood...

Bison at the Grand Canyon

Moments before the proposal.

The ring.  Vintage, sapphire, perfect.


The woman Moses has chosen to marry.

Que romantico

The man I've chosen to marry.

Recreating our Winter Formal memories.

Until next time!

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  1. Congratulations! That is so awesome! I wish I was on Pinterest when I planned my wedding :( Yes to Queen Anne's lace!