Monday, July 14, 2014

A Constellation of Thoughts and Moments

I admire bloggers who can consistently write posts that have some discernible theme.  I can manage it sometimes but only rarely.  I guess I am more of an agent of chaos.  Maybe that's why I never make outlines...or finish any of my writing projects. Well, probably that and my inherent flightiness.

Have you ever had to work hard to be a certain way or perhaps not be a certain way?  I am a natural born space cadet who's had to prune and train myself into a responsible adult.  To this day, I take such pride in my conscientiousness that if I let one thing slip between the cracks--an unanswered email, a missed deadline--I will kick myself for weeks. Well adjusted much?  Not really.  I have a blog after all...

Take a chill pill, I'm only kidding.

Now on to the next random piece to this patchwork quilt of an entry.

My sister, Moses, and I recently went on a tour of Harpoon Brewery, which is one of the larger and more widely distributed microbrewers in Boston.  Yes, I realize how oxymoronic that sounds but whatever.

Where is my obligatory cascade of photo documentation, you ask?  Never you fear.  I always deliver. Okay, mostly.  I mostly deliver.

It was fun, the beer was tasty, and I learned all sorts of neat things about the brewing process. Like...[insert random brewing fact here.] Come on reader, use your imagination and help a sister (who maybe can't procure any of those recently acquired facts from her short term memory) out.

I probably mentioned this before but I once had a student who in his final essay forgot/ didn't have time to/didn't care to take out all the [insert quote that proves the exact point I am trying to make] stage directions from his paper.  It was marvelous.

Yesterday I walked about six miles or so and now I have huge, painful blisters on the soles of my poor pedicured feet. Yet another example of how LA made me into a giant softy.  I can't brave the elements and I can't brave the pavement for more than a mile before my little doggies start yelping.

Last night Moses and I watched a notoriously bad movie and...I didn't hate it.  Sure the accents were atrocious and hard to understand and the plot literally made no sense but throw in a majestic white horse, a kid with cancer, and a platitude about how special we all are and it hits me right in the feels.  Go ahead and blame my hippy upbringing.

I know I hinted at this pretty hard in my last post but I am positively dying for any semblance of a routine. Currently my days consist of waking up, walking to get coffee, and watching a season of the Rachel Zoe project while I online shop for throw pillows and furniture until Moses gets home from work.  After the crazy year I've had, I know that I should be relishing this time off but you know me, it always rains on Eeyore.  I'll spend my days pining for work, grocery shopping, cooking, and having some vague larger purpose.  Other than to bring pleasure to the masses through my blog, of course...

Further proof that Moses and I are destined to be together?  Eeyore was always his favorite Winnie the Pooh character. Lucky for me he has always had a soft spot for pessimism.

Speaking of Moses...I recently received this adorable gift from Moses' Aunt Becky.

Let the record show that I have never told/read Moses a bedtime story.  Already underachieving in my wifely duties it would seem...

I loved this gift so much that I am now convinced I will do this with my own children.  Although, I will probably intend to do it forever and then not get around to it until they are 17.

Let's see, what else?  Nothing really.  Back to Rachel Zoe and throw pillows. Toodles.

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  1. Somehow I missed this post until now. I'm glad you like the book - I'd been dying to give it to you. I mean cute+Moses+BOOK.