Saturday, March 22, 2014

Not That Kind of Doctor

I have a small readership.  I get it.  I'm aware of it.  It doesn't bother me. (Much.)

And it makes sense.  This blog isn't going to give you helpful fashion tips or good original recipes or fun DIY projects; it won't change your life or make it easier, more enriched, or more productive.  Sorry, but it won't.  I'm useless.  Now go away.

Kidding.  Please don't ever leave me.

Anyways, for these reasons, I always feel a bit awkward using this blog to make announcements that aren't really announcements because everyone I know and therefore everyone who reads this blog, is already aware of them.

So I guess this one's for you, secret reader, who I pretend exists and obsessively checks my blog on the daily to see if I've posted anything (just like I do for a few rando blogs of people I don't know because I follow TLC's advice in all things and "just creep").  Today's outdated 90's pop culture reference was brought to you by Lazer Discs.

Okay.  Officially off topic.  Get it together Kozak.

I'm getting.

This past Wednesday, March 19th, in the Year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, sorry...stopping now...Moses Quinn Wilks, my partner of almost a decade, successfully completed the oral defense of his dissertation.  Although, he will not officially be "that kind of doctor" until he files his dissertation in June, the most stressful part of this process is over.

And Moses deserves like fifty glasses of whiskey, 100 blog post dedications, and a standing ovation because and believe me when I say this--and I would know, I was there for the public portion--homeboy tore. it. up.

Even though I only understood about 4% of it (a generous statistic), he was able to make that 4% of his incredibly complex, esoteric research accessible (and 100% interesting) to a total and I mean TOTAL layperson to his discipline.

And as a rule I try not to participate in any SMDA (or social media displays of affection) but I'm going to break that here and I am going to break it hard.

Because watching Moses give his presentation, looking so dapper in his suit and tie, was truly one of the proudest moments of my life.

I know I can take approximately zero credit for Moses being as talented and as brilliant as he is but I know how hard he has worked these past seven years and how much he has sacrificed; to witness the culmination of those efforts was at once both gratifying and venerable.  And I felt pretty emotional about it all.  Of course I feel pretty emotional about the coffee I just spilled on our end table, so I guess that's not saying much...

It's just that I feel so fortunate to have a partner that I admire so much.  Maybe everyone feels that way about their partner but to me, it really feels like privilege.

So congratulations, Moses.  You are now my favorite doctor.  (Sorry Genny, House, and McCoy.  You're now my second, third, and fourth respectively.)

Now Dr. Wilks, let's get a dog.

The man of the hour, captured in a grainy iPhone picture...


Told you I was there. #inappropriateselfieatyourboyfriend'sdefense

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