Saturday, February 15, 2014

In case you were wondering...

Last night I...

-left work around 6:30PM after only hours earlier swearing that I was not going to stay late.

-went to three groceries stores to get ingredients for Moses' and my Valentine's day dinner.  Everywhere was out of scallops and everywhere only seemed to be selling bottles of Frangellico the size of a small water heater.  I ask you reader: who needs that much Frangellico?  I ask you this because as a consumer you are part of the demand in the supply and demand economic model, so clearly you are responsible for this.  Jerks.

-came home to find that Moses had cleaned the apartment, done laundry, emptied the dishwasher, bought me flowers and a step ladder so that I could reach all shelves of our insanely tall kitchen cabinets, which are currently only half full and the tippy tops of which are currently not in use and probably filled with black widow's nest.

You see what I am dealing with here?

-cooked dinner (and dessert) with Moses, followed by drinking champagne and eating by candle and christmas lights (the latter of which have now been up for a full year and won't be coming down any time soon).

-watched approximately 20 minutes of Princess Bride before I fell asleep.

-had basically the best, most relaxing night ever.

Today I...

-broke my two day streak of dessert for breakfast and had a bagel.  This choice was less about health and more about availability (we had no brownies).  Insulin levels, sminsulin smevels.

-went to get my taxes done while Moses went to a board game conference.  You know, your typical Valentine's Day weekend activities...

-remembered how last weekend, when I got my nails done, the manicurist asked me why I wasn't getting pink or red for Valentine's Day.  I looked down at my goth nails, smiled, and debated telling her that I was the Angel of Death.

-made plans to spend my evening redecorating the living room, cleaning my bathroom, catching up on trashy t.v., and entertaining the idea of exercise, which has about a 50% chance of actually resulting in exercise.

It promises to be an extreme, no holds barred thrillfest. But that's just the kind of gal I am I guess...

-decided to end my blog post with this obligatory Valentine's day selfie...

...and felt no shame.

Happy long weekend!

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  1. Finally getting around to comment on some of Wendy's curious adventures. (Usually I read while nursing on an app on my phone...not nursing on an app...reading on an app...sorry, my brain isn't working.) Anyhow, I love reading your posts. I love that you have a kitchen ladder, so does Jake (who still talks about you whenever he puts on chapstick and smacks his lip "jus like Wendy".) I also think your selfie is adorable. And I'm glad your funk is lifting because you should be loving life while looking that cute.