Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In tandem

So you know from my last post that I've been craving pumpkin flavored things recently.  Obvs., you say.  It's been posted for two whole days and I've already memorized it.  Good, my little follower, good.  You will be rewarded.

Anyways, I wasn't terribly into the idea of leaving my apartment this weekend, so I couldn't very well go out and snatch up a pack of Mose and my favorite pumpkin cookies at Ralphs whose brand name escapes me just now but it's probably for the best because they are crack.  Crack, I tell you.  Moses and I will subsist on these during the fall--and by subsist, of course, I mean we buy a container and in a day it's gone--which is promptly and I would wager to say quite rightfully followed by full blown self loathing.  It does the body good.

Aaaand enough exposition. The plot thickens.  I decide to make pumpkin cookies myself.  This recipe actually. Except that I decide to go rouge and to make mine with cinnamon icing.  Except that I put in a lhot of cinnamon. Except that is what the recipe I found on the internet told me to do.  Fool! Amateur! You say.  Now just hold on a minute, let me finish my story............

............you were right, they turned out weird.  Moses seemed to like them but they just didn't live up to all my hopes and dreams, which you can go ahead and feel free to engrave onto my crest.  On the plus side, it did give me a wildly thrilling narrative to type to all of you.  All right glass, you can be half full this time.

In other news, I just saw an ad for a deliciously trashy new show (Sleepy Hollow) that I started watching this weekend, whose big selling point was that it's from the same writers as Transformers and Star Trek. Woof, same writers?  Well, at least it's not the same plot or the same Shia Labeouf.  Damn it glass, you got me again, you sly old thing!

In other other news, this evening I decided to start playing a game called "Facebook Stalking Via the People You May Know Function on Facebook With a Glass of Red Wine."  It is far more entertaining and informative than any high school reunion that I could imagine not having any desire to go to (which is...any high school reunion, really).  It also made me sort vaguely shocked that I am almost thirty and a little sad that I haven't exercised since last Tuesday.  But it's only because I haven't been feeling well, I swear!

As for what's going on in the rest of my life, please refer to the cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet

Work: Good.
Health: Slowly recuperating from a weird virus that made me super lethargic and generally eating too much chocolate but otherwise okay.
Breaking Bad: Competing with Game of Thrones as to which can rip my guts out more per episode.  I am only on episode four of season five and I don't want to know how much worse it gets.
Current nail polish color: Olive.  I wanted hunter green but they didn't have it. C'est la whatever.
Favorite thing of the moment: Besides pumpkin flavored coffee and sleeping in?  Inexplicably this sketch.
Number of boots purchased recently: 2.
Mood following boot purchases: Quite good.
Shame following boot purchase: Minimal.
Amorphous Halloween costume to combat sexy girl Halloween costumes: Purchased.
Dentist appointments approaching: 2.
Mood preceding dentist appointments: Cautiously optimistic but mostly terrified.
Amount of oversharing:  About the usge. (Too much.)

It's going to be a good week.

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