Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snoopy, come home

It's been a challenging week.

And yes, I realize that it is only Wednesday.  You don't have to be a jerk about it.

Moses is currently on the east coast; he was in Ithaca and now he is camping in the Adirondacks for the next few days, which means that he is incommunicado, which means that I have no one to listen to all my random thoughts and ramblings, which means that I am going to type all those random thoughts and ramblings at you.

I knew you wouldn't mind.

Before he left, Moses sent me this picture that I have been staring longingly at ever since.

I'm sorry, but is that not the handsomest man you've ever seen? Yes?  Yes.  Now back off, he's mine.

When Moses initially left for this trip, I thought I would be fine.  I mean, we lived apart for a year, I can hack ten days.  I'm not Bella Swan and/or insert name of equally codependent heroine of young adult fiction franchise here (I'm sorry I couldn't think of any other characters but couldn't quite bear to type that sentence into a google search box that has already seen one too many variations of "what does cancer look like?")

Work has been INSANE recently with the start of fall semester, so no Moses means no distractions, which I initially thought would be a good thing.  I thought I would just work all day, come home, exercise, eat simply, and then watch five hours worth of Princesses of Long Island.  I would be so busy and so preoccupied/delighted by my absolute power over my nightly t.v. programming that I would barely miss him.

Right?  Wrong.

Also, three out of the seven Princess of Long Island episodes are locked as part of some horrible tease feature on Hulu Plus and the locked message tells me that to see these episodes I can connect Hulu to my t.v. provider.  To which I respond, do you think I would be paying $8 american dollars for your service if I had a t.v. provider?  Somebody is smoking el crack pipe here and it is NOT me.

So as you can see, I seem to have gone some rare and as of yet undiagnosed form of stir crazy.

I've just been so bored and so weirdly emotional.  I mean, I am sort of an emotional person to begin with. Just thinking about the line "that I should rise and you should not" from the Irish folk song "Parting Glass," makes me well up a little bit.  And I wept WEPT at the end of Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey and, I am not too proud to admit, at a particularly poignant and narratively rich Google Chrome commercial.

Does no else's chest knot up while watching that?  No one?  Fine.  The overly sentimental cheese stands alone.

And sure my work week has been stressful, but I don't typically need to ask my coworkers for a hug at the end of the day just because I know I'll need it and Moses is not home to give me one. Thank goodness my friend Ruth gave me a hug tonight after dinner because I think that might just last me until at least Friday night.

So where was I going with all of this?  Really, it's anyone's guess.

These are just somethings that have been on the old mind-grapes recently and that desperately, desperately need to be heard and acknowledged because they just do.  The world is pretty busy revolving around me, after all.

There is a distressing shortage of t.v. shows to watch.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  There is a distressing shortage of t.v. shows that I WANT to watch AND that I have access to.  I mean, I could watch all 12 seasons of Drop Dead Diva, but I'm not going to because I have to draw the line of t.v. shows I find unacceptable to watch somewhere and it may as well be there.

There is a new show on Bravo called Eat Drink Love about young women on the LA food scene. Seriously, Bravo?  It's like you and the Food Network put together a focus group consisting entirely of my hopes and dreams and used that to create your new fall line up.  You make me regret canceling cable. There are you happy, now?

Is anybody else digging Admiral Kathryn Janeway as Red on Orange is the New Black?  Because I sure am.

Why is 90's fashion back?

More importantly, why do I kind of like it?  (Well not the shoes obvs.)

Also, no.

Just no.

Getting warmer Forever 21...

I think I've come to the conclusion that most of my thoughts are about clothes and television.

This is actually a picture of the inside of my head:

That about sums me up. #YOLO #Killmenow #Mosescomebacksoon!

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