Friday, June 21, 2013

Sadwich Chronicles

I have a summer cold and for those of you who know me...which is all of probably know that I am the most misssserable sick person.  Ever. I know I am an absolute peach most of the time but when I am under the weather...let's just say that my brattitude turns into a sattitude and I cling and I whine like somebody that took the fussy train allll the way to crabby patty station.

Now let's both pretend that I didn't just type that.

Anyways, onwards and somewhere elsewards.

Oh look a self portrait.

Actually, this is a picture that my colleague drew for me during our staff retreat after I had received the following place card:

Upon seeing this, another colleague exclaimed: wow, it's like they knew you!

Yes.  It is like they knew me.  Because I am Wendy and I am sadwich.  And I'm even sadderwich with a sore throat and fuzzy head.

But don't worry, I have purchased some Skinny Girl White Peach Margarita (note: not the one I wanted but nothing good ever happens to an ole sadwich like me) and I have prescribed myself some of that this evening because A. it's Friday and B.because everyone knows that alcohol kills germs.

And babies apparently.

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