Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Winking Eye Suggestion

I feel pretty confident that you've heard too much from me recently...but appropriate responses to social cues be damned!  I will continue to talk (type?) at you as if you actually cared about what I have to say.

Because there are certain things for which attention should be paid...

Like the use of passive voice.

And this:

I was just one of the many dummies in the vast sea of cluelessness who did not watch this show while it aired on Fox.  It wasn't until shortly after it had been canceled that I was herded into the cult following by much cooler and shrewder buckaroos.  Just one of the many regrets that I will shout out upon my death bed (along with not using the word buckaroos enough.)

I know I've already spoken ad infinitum about my fears of over-reliance on the old televisi√≥n but I have to admit that for someone who could easily be characterized as Professor Cold Heart (Care Bears anyone?  I bet my sister got it...), the amount of excitement that I am feeling in anticipation of the return of Arrested Development is...troublesome.  In part because I think I should feel this sort of zeal for real life things and in part because someone, I won't say who, turns into a bit of demon hell spawn whenever certain unreasonably high expectations are not met.  (I'll give you a hint, that someone lives in my apartment and is not Moses...)

In other words, don't be surprised if you come to my blog in May to find the written equivalent of a trashed hotel room, with me vowing that I will never love again.

But then you remember that commitment I made to being more positive?  Me neither but the backlog of all but one post ago seems to suggest that I did.  With any luck that rosier outlook comes equipped with a set of shiny new coping mechanisms, so if god forbid this reboot is a disaster you will be spared my Mel Gibson sized tantrum circa 2006 (I'm sorry, is it too soon?).

Just in case, I think for now I will do my best to dial down my enthusiasm meter to cautiously optimist from G&H$%FFD$%GHF@!!!

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