Monday, March 11, 2013

Beer and skittles

It's taken me awhile but I think I'm finally getting the hang of this whole weekend thing.

For the longest time I didn't have them. Well, not in any traditional sense; they were typically spent up to my elbows in fish sauce (but not literally--gross) or researching or writing term papers or grading term papers or generally catching up on work that I had so delinquently fallen behind on during the week.

And while it wasn't exactly ideal, this arrangement was quite befitting for my personality.  Similar to how some people only need five hours of sleep a night and others can't function without eight (guilty), I've never really needed much leisure time and oftentimes, when I receive more than I am accustomed to, I get flighty and crestfallen.

Now of course, things are different. On Fridays, I stand at a vast precipice of nothingness, which is both wondrous and terrifying to behold.

But I've made progress.  I've finally managed to shuffle off most of the pangs of anxiety and shame that so often accompany such moments of remiss and even begun to (slightly) embrace the lack of productivity, if not solely for its restorative powers.  (Although, I mostly just pretend that it makes me nicer.)

This past weekend in particular was blissfully uneventful.

Moses has been busy what the whole finishing his PhD thing, so I was mostly left to my own devices.

On Saturday, I woke up early, puttered around the apartment, drank some french press coffee (only the best at chez Kozak et Wilks), tinkered around the design tab on my blog home page for no less than two whole totally not wasted hours, rewatched the same episodes of my favorite Bravo T.V. shows for the third, fourth, and fifth times, huffed and puffed my way through Jillian Michaels' Banish Fat and Boost Metabolism, and got a manicure.  I even was asked by a nice young homeless man on bicycle, if I would like to ride on his handle bars.  He did have all his teeth (plus!) but that was about the only thing going for him (minus!).

It was a charming day.

Sunday was even sunnier and lazier.  I watched the trashiest of trashy chick flicks (and loved every Jennifer Anistoned minute of it), suffered through some more Jillian Michaels, and maybe didn't wait until 5PM rolled around to pour my first glass of wine.  You can't judge me too harshly.  Daylights savings and all...

I also spent a shameful amount of time perusing this site:  It's crystal meth to the materialistic and shopaholic inclined (I am both).  And while I think it boasts far too much Disney Princess paraphernalia (what am I like twelve and at my boyfriend's frat party?), I simply adore it otherwise.  You can browse, save, and buy all sorts of cute, fashionable, and kitschy items that--and here is the best part--are all assembled for your viewing/purchasing pleasure by other people.  Other people more devoted and stylish than you.  Other people with more patience.

I am no brand of savvy bargain hunter.  I don't take anything resembling pleasure from scouring through cluttered racks of clothing for that one perfect jumper or that absolute steal.  Oftentimes, when I walk into places like TJ Maxx or Goodwill, I feel overwhelmed and exasperated   Who has the time to shift through all this crap?  I just want one store that is spacious and well lit and contains precisely one outfit that is exactly what I want, in exactly my size.  It's called a personal stylist.

And because I am so poor right now--not that you asked or anything--I've mostly been cultivating and pruning an epic wishlist, which is currently comprised of one too many Aztec printed sweaters.

Wanelo also lead me here:, which is just about the best novelty/gift store a girl can comfortably access from the confines of her own living room.  Where else can you get prints of Royal Tenenbaumn characters and throw pillows with David Bowie's face on them?  Oh, Zazzle?  Well, whatever.  Society6 still warrants exploration, not that you come to me for advice on anything...ever.

And since I've officially devolved into prattling on about websites and internet shopping and am now using this post to dodge my Jillian Michaels work out and shirk my dinner making duties, this seems like an organic place to stop.  I leave you here.

I swear I'm not shallow.

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