Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Non Sequiturs

When my father and grandparents immigrated to the United States after the war, I am certain that the future that they dreamed of for their daughter and granddaughter included a movie theater with spacious leather recliners nestled next to an illuminated button, which summons a waiter to your seat to deliver mozzarella sticks or to top off your glass of wine.

No, the woman next to me--despite appearances--is not dead.

Oh.  You didn't know such theaters existed?  Well, they do and I went to one.  And felt much like one of those fat, indulged, and immobile characters from Wall-E, floating around on a giant inter tube with atrophied muscles.  It was just the sort of experience made delightful by its sheer novelty, so with that lost I probably won't ever go there again.  Except that I love wine and mozzarella sticks, so don't quote me on that.

Modcloth had a 70% off sale today.  I spent $23 dollars and was deeply impressed by my own restraint.  I will look back fondly on that delicious feeling of self-control for years to come because I sincerely doubt I will ever encounter it again...

There is a new show on Bravo called Vanderpump Rules.  I was determined to boycott it (if not solely for its utterly ridiculous slow motion opening).  I accidentally caught two minutes of it after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was instantly hooked.  I only loathe myself entirely for it, so I guess it's fine.

On a not unrelated note, everyone on Vanderpump Rules is a terrible human being.  Who knew that good looking twenty somethings were such a veritable bouquet of neuroses, selfishness, and insecurities?  I sure didn't. (Spoiler alert: I totally did.)

It has been in the frigid fifties and sixties here recently.  Moses and I have been complaining about it incessantly.  This weekend was 70 degrees and sunny.  Moses and I celebrated this by staying almost entirely indoors.

I bought some daffodils from Trader Joe's that are currently sitting on my coffee table.  They make me miss the spring in Ithaca but as it is currently not spring in Ithaca, I don't feel quite so bad.

I've decided that I do like raw tomatoes.  So all of you who have written me off your various lists for not liking them, feel free to pencil me back in.  Does this maybe mean I'm an adult now?  Probably.

I don't believe in New Years resolutions because I see them self-fulfilling prophesies of failure; however, I do believe in making goals for oneself and improving oneself in general, so some of my non-resolution resolutions are to watch less television, drink less, and shop less.  How am I doing so far?

Although Jillian Michaels has been my tried and true trainer for the past few years, I am testing out some new work out DVDs.  They have all the appropriate buzz words like "pilates" and "fat burner" and "10 minutes."  I will report back.  And I trust that if anyone in the meantime finds a work out DVD that includes laying on the sofa, judging people, and drinking wine, that they would pass that information along as soon as possible.

I'm sorry that I have been MIA recently.  Between grading finals, traveling, eating my own body weight in cheese on a near daily basis, spring registration at Otis, and almost dying of the flu (exaggeration?  You decide), I haven't felt much like blogging.  I still am feeling relatively uninspired.  (See above.)  I will try to make my posts a bit more regular but I make no promises.  It's best to just savor savor savor.

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  1. Regular would indeed be nice...but I can't blame you because regularity isn't my strong suit.

    Jacob and I were just talking about those theaters and decided we'd probably never go to one...the wine is awesome but the resting the wine on a plastic tray is very NOT awesome.

    And sorry to bust your bubble about adulthood and raw tomato eating because Jake's been eating raw tomatoes for months...