Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanks, I guess.

Two whole blog posts in two months, aren't you the lucky devils?  Well, I did promise my mother (and lone reader) that I would write a thanksgiving post of some kind and I'm just about tired enough of reading my students' awkward syntax to feel compelled to construct some contraption of words remotely resembling substance.  Do you see that students? Subject predicate: complete thought. There. Was that so hard?  Apparently.

In the world of bloggers that I secretly read but will never acknowledge that I read because I feel uncomfortable following the chronicles of strangers, Thanksgiving is SO two weeks ago.  Well, we move slower here at the Adventures of Wendy Kozak.  And we linger and loiter and mull around with these things for days.  I'm still processing Easter.  But that's just me.

For the sake of relevance, I will try to see if I can expedite this process and whip up some topical commentary on the nature of Thanksgiving. I promise that it will be neither entertaining nor illuminating, so feel free to click your way back to reddit whatever.

Okay, expose of Thanksgiving 2012.  Go.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that I rather like Thanksgiving.  After all, I like a lot of things food related.  So much so that I almost always wage an ill-advised campaign to get one of my equally food obsessed students to write their personal narratives on their love of food--just so that I can read it and be reminded of how much I love food (because clearly their personal narratives should be about me).  And every semester they always pick their grandmother's death instead.  Snooze fest.

In the past, Thanksgiving was an excuse to eat too much of my grandmother's stuffing. Thanksgiving is now really just another excuse for me to indulge the babcia in me: I make pies and chide my guests/hosts about not eating enough.  Then I overindulge to the extent that I lay sick on the floor of Moses' Aunt's bathroom for hours, half napping, until I finally succumb to pinot noir and crab dip poisoning.  Fortunately that is not a tradition yet and hopefully it will never become one. Over share much?  Yes, thank you.
One of the culprit: the apple pear ginger pie I made

Which, brings me to my next somewhat obvious point: what I am thankful for this year.

1. Deliciously guilty pleasure television that distracts me from my miserable problems, like Hart of Dixie (utter heaven) and the return of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (a christmas miracle)

2. That one compliment I get from my students per year.  Last fall, a student told me that I reminded her of Zoe Deschanel because I wore vintage dresses, talked in weird voices when I taught, and sometimes sang at inappropriate moments.  This fall, a student told me that I looked like someone off of Bravo's Gallery Girls.  In other words: tall, sleek, and cutthroat.  Sweet vindication.

3. That Moses watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with me.  Even though he hates that sort of thing.

4. Moses' mustache.

5. That we found a decent Thai restaurant close to our apartment (finally!)

6.  That White Christmas is on watch instantly netflix.

7. My amazing Los Angeles family, who hosted thanksgiving and let me nap on their bathroom floor for an undetermined amount of time even though I am not blood related.

8.  My amazing Los Angeles friends, who I missed seeing on thanksgiving (because I was too busy napping on the bathroom floor of Moses' Aunt and Uncle's condo).

9. My amazing Ithaca family and friends, who I missed seeing on that day (and every day).

10. The two weeks that I have left of teaching for the semester and for the foreseeable future.

A Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you, from a reluctantly grateful grouch.

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