Monday, July 23, 2012

A Monday Mosaic

If I am going to keep up this blog with any regularity, I need to stop waiting for interesting things to happen to me and make the things that are happening to me seem more interesting.  Or at least train myself to feel less awkward about reporting on the mundane.  So here, for your viewing pleasure on this lackadaisical Monday, is a random sampling of thoughts and happenings paired with pretty pilfered images from the internet.

I've finally done it.  After many a self-loathing summer of begrudgingly drinking hot coffee, I have finally made the necessary preparations to drink iced coffee at home.  Meaning that I have finally had the prudence and the restraint to set aside some coffee to refrigerate and freeze into ice cubes.  As you can see the process is incredibly arduous and it's no small wonder why it's taken me ten plus years to do it.

Stats: Number of months I have now been making iced coffee: 2.  Number of times I have actually enjoyed an iced coffee beverage at home: 1.  Baby steps.

I have been considering joining pinterest.  It reminds me of the scrap booking my sister and I used to do as girls with photo albums and pictures that we had cut out of magazines.  I've been considering joining for about the past two months.  Pros: I like photographs of nouns that reflect my aesthetics but that I am neither skilled nor creative enough to create on my own (case in point: all the pictures in this post.)  I also like looking at and assembling things that look nice.  Cons: I'm already pretty self-obsessed and I'm worried that pinterest will nudge me over into full-blown narcissism.

I generally spend about $100 per week on groceries.  And this is almost assuredly a gross underestimate.  Unfortunately, much like my dressing myself, I eat based entirely on my mood.  So just like I am always pondering what my next outfit will be, I am always planning what my next meal will be.  It's only gotten worse since becoming a more adventurous cook and fashionista.  To avoid overspending (at least on food--I've lost all hope that this will happen with clothing,) Moses and I have made a bi-weekly grocery list complete with the ingredients of our top 10 favorite (and most commonly used) dinner recipes.  Although we spoke about making this list for four+ months and only just made it about two weeks ago, I feel confident that we will begin using it soon.  The jury's still out on whether or not this list will also help me with impulse buying, procrastinating less when it comes to making moderately important life decisions, and/or going to the grocery store hungry.

I have been blessed with my mother's metabolism. My entire life, I've eaten basically whatever I've wanted, when I've wanted, and never had to experience the unpleasant side-effect of gaining weight. During spring semester, however, when I was uber stressed and working all the time, I developed the unhealthy but tragically unavoidable habit of not eating all until 6PM, at which point I would binge. like. crazy.  This has wreaked havoc on my once glorious metabolism.  Approx. 10 lbs worth of havoc.  So since May (with the exception of a two week break for something clearly so important that I can't remember what it is) I have been exercising regularly with good 'ole Jillian Michaels and her dreaded circuit training dvds.  That's right, every night I have the priviledge of sweating to such gravelly taunts as "don't phone it in," "don't you dare quit," "I will murder your children if you don't give me everything you got on this chair squat," while I quietly pray for death.  But Moses swears that he can see results and that I am starting to look fit and thin again and I'll let you know when I think he's no longer lying to me (which will probably be never.)

Netflix watch instantly has recently added Bravo TV series Kell on Earth, chronicling the experiences of Kelly Cutrone, the founder of Fashion PR company People's Revolution (and, apparently, new America's Next Top Model judge).  It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

And I never exaggerate.

So there you have it, kiddies.  In about a week or so I will be traveling to visit my family on the East Coast and then I will undoubtedly have more climatic things to relay but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the ensemble of ordinariness.

A happy Monday to you.


  1. it's like we're twins: Impulse grocery purchases, 10+ lb weight gain in Spring, Jillian Michaels DVDs and all. I love your recipe shopping list idea!

  2. This might be my favorite post ever. And join Pinterest already you goober.