Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happenings in the East (cont.)

Well, faithful reader, the semester has begun and I have shuffled back into the fairly familiar routine of teaching and lesson planning and consuming inordinate amounts of caffeine.  

And now, as the summer days begin to ebb and dwindle, I find myself looking back on these past few months with an extraordinary sense of fondness.  Just as I had predicted, I have lost all sense of the season's dullness, boredom, and frustration, and remember only its splendor.

So without further ado, here is a sampling of that splendor:

Scott, Jeremiah, John, and I spent a rainy afternoon hiking the trails at Treman Park...

It was quite majestic
The American frontier (don't you just want to colonize it?)
It's worth mentioning that all of these lovely photos are courtesy of my brother Scott (who took them with his fancy new camera since mine ran out of batteries...)
We were all quite sodden by the end of our adventure and the reviews were mixed. Scott, Jeremiah, and I loved it (Jeremiah said that hiking in the rain taught him important survival skills) but John didn't (he was hungry and grumpy and complained for a good mile or so).

Neither Jeremiah or John wanted to continue hiking, so after we grabbed a quick bite to eat at one of my favorite local delis, College Town Bagels, Scott and I took the kiddies home (well, at 17 and 14, they are hardly kids anymore), I replaced the batteries in my camera, and we continued on to the Buttermilk Park trails.

The light was lovely that afternoon
The overlook

The next day, on our drive home from visiting our grandmother, Scott and I stopped at the Taughannock Falls overlook.

It was a beautiful evening.

There is nothing quite like the familiar landscapes of my childhood.  Still, there's nothing quite like the feeling of coming home.

Hello, Los Angeles.

My, it has been a lovely lovely summer.

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