Monday, September 19, 2011

Beer, Baseball, and Birthdays

There hasn't been much to report recently.  Life has been decidedly dull.  I spend my mornings leisurely sipping coffee and entertaining the idea of work, before realizing that I am late.  My afternoons are busied with babies and teaching.  And in the evenings, I sit with Moses on the sofa and lesson plan while listening to the pleasantly innocuous murmur of Law and Order SVU.  It's quite splendid, actually.  A fine existence.  But not blog worthy.
And for a good week or so, I succumbed to the quiet panic that my dear little Adventures would become a mommy blog.  Not that I am a mommy or have anything particularly against mommy blogs but, for the better part of September, the most fascinating things that were happening to me, were all things that were happening to and with Kate’s baby Jake, while I was watching him.  And as much I will, I am sure, someday glory in narrating how my baby is advancing developmentally, that day is not today.  Also, I do not want to steal Kate’s thunder—since the baby is pretty much all she has going on right now (insert winking emoticon here).

But FINALLY this weekend, after getting our “adventure car”—as Moses so adorably refers to it—back from the body shop (where it underwent reconstructive surgery for nearly 18 days), we broke from our sitting-on-the-couch-watching-movies-in-our-pjs-all-day pattern and went out and had us some adventures.

On Saturday, Moses and I traveled to Pomona California to visit the LA county fair.  It was something that Moses and I had been talking about doing essentially for an entire month, but that is neither here nor there.  What matters, is that we eventually did it and it was tremendous fun.

I can’t say as though either Moses or myself are particularly fair-going people—I would perhaps classify us more as festival frequenters (there is a difference, yes?)—but, I went primarily for the food and Moses went primarily to make me happy, so we had a grand ole time.

We munched on a ½ lbs(!) hot dog and drank some truly spectacular $9 Pacificos beer.

We visited a surprisingly dangerous petting zoo.

Saw some modern art horse statues (which was part of a larger socialist piece?).

Poked fun at the hideous tribute to freedom.

If I were freedom, I would be terrified.

I ate a snow cone the size of my face.

Hung out with Smokey the Bear, as one of his forest critter friends.

Laughed at the unfortunately suggestive name of a lemonade stand.

Had a fun round of bumper cars (where I, at one point while driving, felt with my foot for a break…oh, delightfully inhibiting responsibility…)

Rode an absurdly un-scary haunted house ride that was not even remotely photo worthy.  In fact, I think that the haunted house that my parents made in our basement one Halloween was more terrifying than this.

I got excited by the promise of a pony ride, only to discover that you couldn’t be over 80 lbs (so 2/3 of me could have ridden).  But, don’t worry, I didn’t cry…too much.

Overall, we had ourselves a mightily good day.

And on Sunday, we went to Dodgers Stadium for a little baseball, beer, and, naturally, more hot dogs.

As you can see, we had some truly excellent seats...

It was randomly and somewhat bizarrely Hello Kitty themed...   

Which I liked.   


It was a truly enjoyable (and exhausting) weekend.

And today, is one of my absolute favorite people’s birthday.

This guy. My brother Scott.  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!  You are such a great brother and such an extraordinary person.  I’m so proud to be your older sister and I’m sorry for all those times I said I’d play with you when we were younger and then forgot…

And thanks for not only being my brother, but being one of my best and truest friends.  I love you and miss you!  Wish I could be there to buy a $16 beer…


  1. This is certainly one of my more favorite posts ever. And per my visit to the pediatrician this morning, Jake is in the 80th percentile for height and weight and needs to practice looking to the left.
    Happy Birthday, Scott!

  2. Thanks Wendy! I miss you too very much and, as I'm sure you know, although I hardly say it enough, love you dearly. While I do not recall the times you forgot to play with me, I surely do remember all the wonderful games we did play. Whether it'd be Polly pockets (bear in the hair dryer: PUFF), action figures, or Lego soccer (which I believe we did only once and you made that hilarious reference to a Mystery science theater involving a gunman and panicked announcer). And then how can I forget when we made that mock USA roller skating team in the basement (I believe in response to Mighty Duck 2)with custom made shirts. So many memories come to mind that I feel I must stop myself here. The point being you have given me the gift of joy time and time again, throughout my whole life, and for that I will always be grateful.

    P.S. ksrhodes please tell Kate thanks for the well wishes, that it was a real pleasure to meet her, and that I hope her and baby Jake are doing well. You can do that for me right ;)