Monday, July 18, 2011

Making pies all day

My love for baking has crept into previous posts through photographs and fleeting remarks about my transformation into my Polish grandmother, but I decided today that I wanted to devote an entire, but in all likelihood, cursory blog to it (as I must soon leave to help my dear friend Melanie move).  While I would say I have only very recently become a decent cook, I have always been a fair baker.  And moreover, I have always enjoyed baking.  Cooking, on the other hand, used to make me frantic until I realized that, hey there, clueless bear, it’s just like baking.  You just find a good recipe and follow it.  Now, I find myself improvising whole dinners and Moses hasn’t complained yet so they really must be good.

But I digress. This summer, with its infinite and, at times, paralyzing amount of leisure time, has allowed me to truly indulge my inner baker.  Pretty much since the moment I graduated, I have been baking incessantly.   I have made, in no particular order:

1.       Three carrot cakes
2.      One Tiramisu (whose texture for one reason or another turned out rather poorly)
3.      Coconut Rice pudding
4.      Banana bread
5.      Zucchini bread
6.      Two yellow cakes with chocolate frosting
7.      One key lime pie
8.     One rhubarb pie
9.      Three (perhaps four) blueberry pies
10.  One rhubarb pie
11. One peach and raspberry pie
12.   Two ginger pear sorbets
13.  And so much more (although I can’t think of anything else at the moment)...

Here is just some photographic evidence:

One of the many blueberry pies I made...
The summer peach and raspberry pie (made for a girls night at Kate's) 
My key lime pie.  This picture of it actually turned out quite nice (although, to be frank, it was taken from this angle because half of the pie is already eaten)
And while I didn't "bake" this frozen margarita.  I did use the ginger pear sorbet that I made on the 4th to make it...
 More baking and blogging to come...

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  1. I'm already nostalgic about this summer looking at your pies! How did the margarita turn out?